WW II Spitfire Mk1 reproduction: This design was a collaborative effort with a friend who was looking for a scaled down wooden "warbird" type design that would make him feel as if he were sitting in and flying a Spitfire.  The goal of the project was to create an "ultralight type" aircraft which would look fast, fly low and slow, yet have the shape, look, and feel of the Vickers Supermarine Spitfire.  The design goals were met and the aircraft is located in Battle Creek, MI.  Photo credits Mr. Jim Payne "POC" builder/owner. NOTE: This design is NOT a US FAR Part 103 Ultralight.


1915 Fokker Eindecker E-III 3/4 Scale Reproduction: We were requested to design the E-III reprpduction for a gentleman and it is currently under design review.  This aircraft is designed to use aircraft grade aluminum tube and gusset construction.  The engine suggested to power this craft is the venerable 46 h.p. Rotax 503.  However, any power plant capable of producing 28 to 52 hp and weighing no more than 130 lbs may be used.  The design will fit the ultralight, experimental and LSA categories and may be available as a plans set and materials kit in the future after a prototype is built and testing completed. 

Basic Flyer Ultralight:

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This ultralight is a back to basics design created to enable anyone wishing to build and fly an inexpensive FAA Part 103 ultralight to be able to do so.  The Basic Flyer was designed using aircraft grade aluminum tube and gusset construction and is configured to be built as a tail-wheel design employing a tractor power plant configuration.  This ultralight may be available as a plans set and materials kit in the future after a prototype is built and flight testing completed.

Little Dipper Replica (LDR):

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The LDR is a full scale reproduction of the Lockheed Model 33 - Little Dipper designed by John Thorp.  Noted Aeronautical Engineer Emerson Stevens, was commissioned to create this design to meet US FAR 23 standards.  All engineered drawings have been completed and structural analysis has been calculated.  Work on a proof-of-concept prototype has been suspended at this time.  However, we are looking for an aircraft fabricator and kit builder to build the prototype and produce kits.  An LDR plans set has been sent to John D. Lyon of Beverly Hills, CA to enable him to build his Little Dipper replica and introduce the design to EAA Chapter 1's Design Group.