Redfern Fokker DR1 and Nieuport 17/24 are coming!

We are excited and honored to be able to continue the wonderful tradition of Walter "Wimpy" Redfern and the Redfern family.  The DR1 and Nieuport 17/24 are American homebuilt aircraft that were designed by Walter Redfern and produced by the Walter Redfern Company of Post Falls, Idaho.  We will be bringing these beautiful designs back to the homebuilding and historic community soon.

Redfern DR1
The Redfern DR1 plans were adapted from the original aircraft drawings with assistance from Peter M. Bowers and Reinhold Platz, one of the original design team for the Fokker DR1.

Photo Credit of the Red DR1: By Lestocq - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Redfern Nieuport 17/24

Photo credit: The Museum of Flight -

"The Museum's Type 24 is a reproduction built from Walt Redfern plans by a number of enthusiasts in Washington State. Begun in the early 1980s, Ron Ochs acquired the plane in 1992 and, along with others, completed the project. First flown in 1995, the Nieuport is powered by a Le Rhône engine originally installed in a Thomas-Morse S4C Scout that crashed in Corvallis, Oregon in the 1920s. Other than certain modern enhancements for flyability, such as hydraulic disk brakes, the aircraft is faithful to the original Nieuport. It has 1.5 hours of flying time."