Our Company

We are a small business built on the principles of providing quality aircraft products and the highest level of service to our customers.

Our product range continues to grow and with the popularity of the US Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) regulations, new and unique aircraft are coming available. We are encouraged with this trend and are continuing to develop the LDR and other designs.  

With the purchase of the already tested and proven Turner T-100D Mariah, we have provided an aircraft that our clients can build, fly, and enjoy as either a true legal US Ultralight, an LSA, or registered in the FAA Experimental Amateur Built Category.  The addition of the CA-2 brings an all-metal design to the fold and provides our customers with an option of either AL or wood construction.  The Turner T-40, T-40A and Super T-40A will be offered soon. Work on updating the master plans is currently underway.

Improving our products and listening to our customers is of great importance to us at Adams Aero™.  We look forward to many years of fun and exciting aviation related activities and we thank you for stopping by to learn more about us.