Official Press Releases


Jasper, Georgia February 20, 2020.  Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. acquired the rights to the Gene Turner designed Turner T-40 Series of aircraft.  The plans for the T-40 single seat, T-40A two seater and the T-40A Super are currently in the redraw stage but will be available again soon.  T-40 builders and owners are encouraged to contact us for builder support.


Dallas, Georgia February 18. 2012.  Adams Aeronautics Company acquired the rights to the RagCat Ultralight designed by Roger Mann of RagWing Aircraft Designs. 


Dallas, Georgia May 28, 2011.  Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. has acquired the rights to the CA-2 ultralight/experimental airplane designed by Mr. Frank P. Griffith.  The CA-2 is a single seat, low-wing aircraft designed in 1993 and was available as a plans set for amateur built construction by the designer and then from Hummel Aviation of Bryan, Ohio.  Plans sales and builder support has once again resumed for the CA-2.  We are excited about this wonderful aircraft and look forward to see what the future future has in store for this design.


Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 30, 2009.  Ken Adams, Jr., President and CEO of Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. along with John D. Lyon of Beverly Hills, California, and Alan Eck of Minnesota presented an informational forum on the John Thorp designed Lockheed Little Dipper.  John presented the history of the Lockheed Little Dipper from its earliest days and had numerous photographs to share.  Alan presented information on his one-off Little Dipper reproduction which he is building with his son.  Alan is planning to have his airplane built and flying during the summer of 2010.  Ken presented some additional early information of the Dipper to the forum attendees.  Ken also presented information on his "modern" day fully engineered plans for his Little Dipper Replica (LDR).  The presentation consisted of a slide show of the LDR showing many of the detailed drawings of the design.  He also presented a 1/18 scale model of the Little Dipper which was designed and built by retired Lockheed model maker Rowe Cavelli of Burbank, CA.


Dallas, Georgia February 8, 2008. Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. has become a member of ASTM International (  We are working directly as a voting member on Committee F37, Light Sport Aircraft. This Committee addresses issues related to design, performance, quality acceptance tests, and safety monitoring for light sport aircraft (LSA). 


Dallas, Georgia July 29, 2007. Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. (AAC) acquired the rights to the Gene Turner designed Turner T-100D Mariah. The Mariah is a light weight airplane designed to meet the needs of pilots who want to fly, but may not have an FAA flight physical or for those who cannot afford to fly certificated airplanes. The T-100 was also designed to meet the requirements of the FAA FAR Part 103, Ultralight air vehicles, and to meet the guidelines for the FAA FAR 23 normal category design aircraft. The airplane has twin tail booms, pusher engine, three-axis conventional flight controls, tricycle landing gear, steerable nose wheel, and an enclosed cabin. Gene Turner was a design engineer for Bell Helicopter Corp., Beech Aircraft, and Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation (Convair).  In 1958 he joined the Federal Aviation Agency which later became the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  After 20 years as an aerospace engineer and aircraft certification manager, he returned to the private sector as an FAA Coordinator and Consultant with Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.  Gene is also the owner of Turner Aircraft and is the designer of the ever popular and enduring Turner T-40 series of aircraft.

We at AAC are proud and honored to have been chosen by Gene to carry on his T-100 Mariah series of aircraft and to reintroduce it to the flying community.


Dallas, Georgia February 2005. Adams Aeronautics Company Inc. acquired the design rights to the Dart Aircraft Little Dipper Replica (LDR) . The LDR was commissioned by Robert G. Dart and was designed by aeronautical engineer Emerson W. Stevens. 

Mr. Dart has been associated with Ultralight and homebuilt aviation for many years and enjoyed much success with his Sky Cycle line of Ultralight and experimental aircraft.  He also owns and operates Dart Airport in Mayville, NY. 

Mr. Stevens was associated with Bell Aerospace for 27 years working on helicopter designs and a number of V/STOL programs, including the D137 fighter proposal, D188A/FX-109, X-22A and other projects.  He was the chief design engineer for Tony Fox of FoxJet Corp.  In this role, Mr. Stevens developed the FoxJet ST-600 business jet aircraft.

The LDR is a reproduction of the Lockheed Model 33 - Little Dipper which was designed by John Thorp and built by Lockheed in 1944. Even though the LDR design is a reproduction, designed without ever seeing the original aircraft or plans, it holds true to its heritage in its design, construction, uniqueness, and is the closest design to the original Lockheed Little Dipper ever to exist.